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Natalie Eng


Hello, my name is Natalie Eng and I am the owner and practitioner at lotus kinesiology.


I started out my working life in a very different profession. The work was interesting and intellectually challenging but as I progressed, I found myself highly stressed and suffering from various niggling health issues (including persistent headaches, disturbed sleep and digestive problems).

Over time, out of desperation, and also being of a curious nature open towards different perspectives, I found myself drawn towards holistic therapies to more fundamentally explain why I had these health issues. This process also alerted me to changes I needed to make in my life. One of those changes involved studying kinesiology, an amazing therapy that has changed my life for the better.

Since completing my formal kinesiology studies, I've researched more deeply on the philosphies of chinese medicine present in kinesiology (including the importance of the emotions in health). I incorporate this information and wisdom into my work, providing you with a truly holistic and meaningful experience.

My experience reflects what a wise practitioner once said - 'there is a hunger out there for self-knowledge, and the best thing a practitioner can do is to help that person know themselves better'.


I hope I can be that practitioner for you.

If any of my story resonate with you, please give me a call to chat further and book a session.

All the best in your health journey.



p.s. I'm a fully qualified kinesiologist (Diploma of Kinesiology), and a current Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

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