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Learning how to dance beats swaying in the breeze

About 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to dance, so I took up ballroom and latin dancing.

Deep down inside, I think I always wanted to learn how to dance. It was better than standing around at dinner parties or clubs just swaying in the breeze. But I was also your least likely candidate to be a dancer - my body movements were awkward and stiff, I was never able to stand straight, and I would grip on for dear life to my dance partner or dance teacher, as if doing so would help me stay on my feet. Naturally, I thought I was a pretty rubbish dancer for a long time.

And yet I persisted over the years. Partly because I didn't know what else to do, and partly to test the notion, that whether or not I believed I was a good dancer, it was just that - a belief. It was neither true or false. And over the years my analytical mind began to break it all down.

I suspect this thinking is not new, but this is what I believe it all boils down to, if you are learning how to dance later in life and are not a natural-born dancer:

- Firstly - you need to know your steps and know them well so that they become automatic.

- Secondly - you need to get the technique of the dance style right, or good enough so that the judge thinks you've met the rules of the dance.

- And thirdly - if you get the first two things flowing, then injecting some emotion and expression into the dance, particularly for performances, is always useful.

But while attending to these stages of learning, your own beliefs about yourself might be in the background, lurking, telling you 'you can't do that', or 'that's not you' or whatever. But are they true? This could apply to any goal you might have, not just for my goal of dancing.

That's where kinesiology could help - to test those limiting beliefs of yours, and to bust them, if doing so helps you get closer to your personal goals. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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