• Natalie Eng kinesiologist

Searching for a good night's sleep (that elusive goal)

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

If you want to sleep like this dog here, then read on.

If I had a dollar for every piece of gratuitous advice that was offered to me when I went through several years of sleep issues, I wouldn't have to work!

My sleep problems were of the disrupted sleep variety, which I was told is the worst kind to have (i.e. the most difficult to quickly resolve). I could nearly always get to sleep very easily, but then would wake up abruptly around 2.30am, and just toss and turn for the rest of the night. As the condition slowly improved, I would get to around 3.30am-4am before waking up, but still it persisted for another 6-7 years before we (me and my practitioners) finally broke the back of it.

The truth is, sleep is such a difficult condition to treat. Everyone wants a quick fix, which presumably is why sleeping pills are such a popular option for some people. But many people in the health community know that sleeping pills don't really solve the issue in the long run. They merely mask over a symptom.

If you want to get to the bottom of your sleep issues, be prepared for a bumpy ride. There will be practitioners out there who will claim to be able to resolve your issues in one hit. The reality for me was that I never had one kinesiology session (or any other treatments) that instantly resolved the issue - instead it was a slow burn of just digging deeper and deeper into my psyche to find out what was going on, what I needed to look at, and what I needed to let go of. So this meant for me many sessions over a number of years.

This may sound too long, but remember this – if your sleep issues have been a gradual condition that has come about, it will take some time to resolve completely. Sleep issues (from my own experience) are often a nasty symptom of something bigger and more fundamental going on in your life, something lurking in your sub-conscience that needs addressing. So the process of dealing with the sleep, such as with the help of a kinesiologist, could not only help your sleep, but provide you with deeper insights into your life. Those things you find out about yourself may be scary to confront, but if you choose to do so and are patient with the process (and trust me the process can be tough), you may one day enjoy the peaceful and uninterrupted sleep you probably once had as a baby or young child!

To conclude, I still have the occasional bout of disrupted sleep, but these days they tend to only last a few days. I’m now much better equipped to deal with what’s going on when that happens – for example, I’ll meditate, go for a long walk, check into my body or do some energetic clearing to find out what my inner self is wanting to tell me this time. But I definitely needed help in the first few years to get to this point.

So if you have come here to this blog, and do have sleep issues yourself, you may want to consider opening up that conversation with your inner self. You’ll probably find it has lots to say to you!

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