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Energetic practices that may help with sleep issues

In this time of pandemic, it seems that many of us are experiencing sleeping issues, or at least having very vivid dreams. While there might be stuff buried deep in your psyche that you need to attend to, it might also be that your sleep is being affected by energetic disturbances. For example, if you know you are an empath, you might be picking up other people’s anxieties, which of course are heightened at this time. All that other people’s energy sloshing around in the environment that you don’t need in your energy field!

If you happen to be experiencing insomnia or disturbed sleep at the moment, you may want to look into whether these techniques could help. Here’s a list you could consider:

Yoga and meditation – scientific research has shown that these practices reduce adrenal stress, reduce anxiety symptoms and may help with better sleep.

Ujjayi breath – from the yogic tradition (check out this Youtube video by Adrienne, said to help calm the nervous system which may help produce a deeper sleep.

Pranayama breathing (alternate nostril breathing) – another yogic technique said to be calming. Check out this Youtube video by Adrienne or there are plenty of other videos out there.

Too much vigorous exercise? – perhaps for some reason, your body may not be coping with the increased adrenal impact of a vigorous exercise routine, depending on what’s going on in the rest of your life. You could experiment to see if doing slower-paced exercises such as yoga or tai chi help, rather than doing say a boxing workout, for example.

If you have tried all of the above and still can’t get a decent night’s sleep, perhaps there is something going in in your energy field. Try these to see if they work:

Sound healing – chanting to clear your chakras may help. This website provides a few ideas -

Cleansing your environment – by all means do what Marie Kondo says in terms of throwing out stuff that doesn’t bring you joy etc. but doing that alone may not help your sleep much. What may help is if you consider cleansing your home of any psychic debris by burning sage into each of the rooms in your house. This website looks like it has fairly decent instructions

Pranic healing – there are practitioners out there or I may be able to help as part of a kinesiology session.

Of course, you should see your doctor or trusted medical professional if your sleep issues persist.

Hope this helps and good luck everyone. Stay safe.

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