frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why would someone need kinesiology specifically?

Sometimes, kinesiology can help create behavioural and attitudinal shifts in one session, that counselling alone may not necessarily shift (unless you are a particularly insightful person). As kinesiology works with the body (ie. the subconscious mind), it may help get to the source of an issue much faster, and in ways you may not necessarily expect.


How many kinesiology sessions will I need?

This will vary for every person - you might find that just one session joins the dots for you, or you may find that you need a few sessions on some big topics to move through what might be blocking your achievement of your goals. I generally recommend that clients allow 3-4 sessions per issue.


Is kinesiology a regular treatment or only for a set period of time?

This is entirely up to you and what you want out of the sessions. Some people choose to see a kinesiologist on a more regular basis to help them deal with life's challenges, since life never ceases in providing them!


What does lotus kinesiology have to offer that is unique?

If you're looking at kinesiology to help you, it's likely that you're open to other ways of thinking and views of the world, about life and the universe, why am I really here, and other such questions!

Using kinesiology, we can tap into what you might need to help you, which can range from more conventional techniques such as counselling, dietary issues, and exercise, to more esoteric sources of information, all to help you on your path to greater self-awareness.

We are conveniently located in a lovely clinic in Albert Park, a short tram ride from the Melbourne CBD, and only minutes from South Melbourne beach. A great place to escape your troubles and find solace.




Fun fact - the term 'kinesiology' has its foundations in the Greek word 'kinézika', which means 'Chinese'!




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